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PPL Courses

We offer PPL theory courses designed by experienced, qualified flying instructors and airline pilots.

CPL Courses

Our CPL theory courses deliver state of the art commercial pilot theory training. Study alongside our ATPL theory courses.

ATPL Courses

We have been delivering online ATPL theory courses for over 12 years. Join 1000's of pilots who have enrolled with us.


Our Basic Turbine Knowledge (BTK) course is highly rated by our students. A comprehensive and content targeted course.


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"The subscription plan was a very cost effective way of studying for all the subjects, without requiring a huge upfront financial commitment. I would not hesitate to recommend to any of my colleagues."

83% in the external exam



"I got 83% this morning in the external exam. I am very impressed with the ATPL Meteorology course. I think your course explains everything really well."

Passed all ATPL's first time



"I passed all the ATPL subjects first time using you guys! I loved the interface and how easy it was to track my study progress, especially on overnights - where I just needed to take my laptop and book and have everything there!"

I got 96% in ATPL Navigation



"After my panicked email last week and nearly cancelling my exam, I sat it this morning... and got 96%! Feeling pretty stoked and relieved I'll NEVER have to sit a Navigation exam ever again! Thank you so much for your help."


How to reduce the cost of pilot training?

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PPL Aircraft Technology (A)
We have just launched our latest online course! We chat about it on the Pilot Life Podcast - take a listen.

Over 400 multichoice quiz questions and more than 250 illustrations. We believe this is the most comprehensive and relevant PPL Tech course available in New Zealand.

Available right now in our All Access Platinum Subscription - for NO extra cost. 

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