Many of you have relied on for your Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) theory training over the past 14 years, specifically targeting the New Zealand market. As we continue to grow and adapt to the needs of our student pilot community, we've rebranded to Pilot Life Training. Why the change?

Simply put, we're expanding our vision to better match yours. Pilot Life Training allows us to offer a more diversified range of courses, including Private Pilot Licences (PPL), Commercial Pilot Licences (CPL),  Instrument Ratings and Airline Transport Pilot Licences (ATPL). But it's not just about diversifying our courses. We're also extending our geographical reach. While New Zealand remains a significant focus for us, we're excited to announce the inclusion of Australian-centric courses into our portfolio. This trans-Tasman expansion aims to offer more opportunities to a larger student base who are interested in taking their aviation careers to the next level.

Our core mission remains unchanged: to deliver world worldclass aviation theory training backed by industry expertise. With the transition to Pilot Life Training, we're offering the same high standards of education but in a more comprehensive package that better suits your varied interests and career aspirations. The rebrand isn't a departure from what we've done well in the past; it's an evolution, allowing us to serve you better, wherever you are in your aviation journey.


Mark Goston, Founder of ATPLOnline and Pilot Life Training