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What is your All Access Platinum Subscription plan?

We know that studying towards your aviation career is expensive. We are pleased to offer our ALL Access Platinum Subscription plan which provides a very cost effective way to study.

This one All Access Platinum Subscription plan provides access to all our PPL, CPL, ATPL courses and Basic Turbine Knowledge (BTK) ratings course for as long as you need, as long as the monthly subscription is active. Cancel anytime.

You can study one, or multiple courses at the same time and across any licence level, that flexibility is entirely up to you. Remember - you can cancel at any time if you no longer need access to our course content.

What happens if I cancel my subscription and resubscribe at a later date?

You are more than welcome to resubscribe to a cancelled subscription plan. However, please note you will be restarting a new subscription. All course progress will be reset, and you will need to progressively work though all course content again from the beginning of each course. 

Can I cancel my subscription and pick it up again at a later date without interrupting my course progress?

No. If you cancel your subscription by stopping your monthly payment, you will lose access at the end of your payment period to all your courses within the subscription and all progress made in the courses including all quizzes and sample exams. 

How are courses within subscription packages structured?

Progression through each subscription course is structured to ensure maximum learning outcomes, with individual modules, in each course, completed sequentially. You need to pass each quiz with a pass of 75% or more to move on to the next module. This ensures you fully understand each module before moving on to the next topic. You can also study one or multiple courses at the same time, providing maximum flexibility for your studies.

Can I study PPL Law, CPL Law and ATPL Law either at the same time or one after the other?

Absolutely. In fact we highly recommend you consider studying the same subject (e.g. Law, Meteorology, Navigation etc) across licence levels if you can. This enables you to stay in the same 'subject space'. This is a very cost effective and efficient way to study for your aviation subjects.

Do I need to enter my credit/debit card details every month to buy the subscription?

No. One of the benefits of purchasing the ALL Access Platinum Subscription details is that you only need to enter your payment details once. The next month's subscription payment will happen automatically until you cancel.

Can I review courses at a completed licence level to assist with my Knowledge Deficiency Reports (KDR's) that ASPEQ provide?

Yes, so long as you have an active subscription and completed these courses as part of your most recent subscription purchase.

Can I access course support from the ATPLOnline team?

Yes. While our online courses are self study, you can access our Learner Helpdesk where you can read past questions and responses from other students and our course development team. You can also post your own questions here and one of the team will help you out.

Can I study multiple courses at the same time for the same monthly cost?

Yes. This is where you can get some real efficiency with your study. If you have the time, you can study multiple courses for a single monthly (recurring) fee. This means it is possible to study, for example - PPL Law and CPL Law within one month for a single monthly fee.

What are the benefits of studying two different subjects at the same time?

Many courses have syllabus overlap. This means NZCAA have included similar syllabus items to study within the context of different subject material. For example, there is syllabus overlap between Flight Radio Telephony (FRTO) and PPL Law. It makes sense to study these two courses either at the same time or one after the other. The benefit is that you are learning and retaining the information once but having the benefit of applying it to two courses at the same time. This saves you significant time and cost in the long run.

Should I consider purchasing a Fixed Term Course instead of the All Access Platinum Subscription?

Perhaps. There are two occasions where you might want to consider purchasing a Fixed Term Course. The first is where you only need to study one of our courses. It is far more cost effective for most students to purchase our All Access Platinum Subscription if you need to study two or more courses. The second occasion is if you are concerned that you may need two to three months to complete a course and you do not require any course assistance from the development team for your study. Most of our students complete a course within one month irrespective of whether they are studying full or part time. It's for this reason that most of our students elect to purchase the All Access Platinum Subscription. It's important to note that we do not provide any course assistance for our Fixed Term Courses as these courses are entirely self study.

Note: Subscription FAQ's, rules and Terms and Conditions may change at any time without notice. Please keep up to date with this page for details.